My personal interpretation of your birth chart includes an analysis of your basic temperament and inclinations, followed by an interpretation of the planetary Influences that are currently affecting you - and those which will shortly come into play.This is usually 2-3 pages in length and takes me in excess of 14 hrs to synthesise. Every sentence in my report is referenced to the symbolism in your birth chart. Statements which are not strict astrological interpretations are not acceptable under the Code of Ethics of my qualification.
Your Child's Development
Given another personís birth date in combination with your own, it is possible to foresee the strengths and difficulties involved in a personal relationship and to indicate times of potential harmony or stress. Many relationships commence in favourable times but lack the core compatibility required for long term stability.

A compatability analyses takes a little longer than a personal interpretation since two charts need to be studied and the interactions that make a relationship viable in the long term can be quite complex.
Planet positions at the time of birth show your childís strengths and indicate the best pathway for success and fulfilment along with important information on the areas requiring guidance. There is a path for everyone - a birth chart analysis provides you with a road map which can help you navigate a life path for your little darling.
Event Timing
Every event carries with it the planetary markings of that point in time and hence the planning of future events can benefit from a consideration of the stars - whether it be marriage, a business venture, a sporting achievement, travel, retirement, etc, etc.
What You Need to Provide

Date of Birth

Time of Birth

Place of Birth
Neil Crabtree

23rd Feb 1953

3:14 am

Melbourne, Aust.
(Indicate the source of the birth time - Mum's memory, birth certificate, etc and the accuracy - eg +/- 5 mins. If the birth time is not known indicate as close as you can - eg early morning, around midday, etc. If its a small town provide the closest City)
Since planetary influences are in the 'minds eye' predicting future trends requires opportunity and hence it is important to give an idea of the situation and environment in which you are currently living.

If it's your child's development your interested in then its handy to include Mum & Dad's birth dates - and times if known.

In general the more you can set the scene - the better the interpretation and the more accurate the prediction of future trends.
What Will it Cost?
This is a free service and I will do my best in the time available (usually about three hours per a request) to be of service to you - please make sure of your question and double check the birth details required - as above.

Donations kindly accepted but not expected (ie while my wife remains employed).
The point in space and time that a person is born (including caesarean births) provides a wealth of information about personal attributes and tendencies.
By noting planetary movements in relation to their original positions at the time of birth, it is possible to deduce areas of future influence and an array of likely outcomes. How astrology works is not generally agreed but I subscribe to the theory that it is the result of the interactive affects of planetary magnetic fields on the developing embryonic brain which then expresses itself at the 'flowering point' of the new born's first breath - this being a unique point in space due to the ever changing movement of Earth through space.
To many young people feelings of attraction and affinity are paramount to their daily existence. Societies values and commercial interests often distort natural predilections and confuse natural inclinations. The planetary arrangements in your birthchart show your tastes in romantic and physical love as well as indicating the most likely periods for these to occur.
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